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Our Mission at Natural Pet Foods

At Natural Pet Foods we are devoted to providing pet foods and services that improve the health and wellness of pets.

Natural Pet Foods is a family business dedicated to offering natural and holistic pet foods that will help maintain better overall health for your pet. Products are free of animal by-products, chemical preservatives and artificial colors & flavors. In addition to better nutrition, we provide animal wellness services including grooming, dog training, small animal massage therapy and reiki. We support local artisans and businesses where possible, and host regular seminars to help increase awareness in the community. We specialize in hard to find items and carry a wide array of dog sport related items.

A Store With A Purpose: For owners who want to feed their pets the best and allow them to eat healthy!

Our Mission at Natural pet foods is to provide natural and holistic premium quality pet foods.

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Produits et services


Are they part of your pet's diet?

Visit our knowledgeable staff and find out what is the right food for your pet!

Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. Have you paid careful attention to what you feed your pet? If you haven't examined your pet food label lately, maybe now is the time...

Unhealthy pet foods loaded with chemicals can lead to poor health or illness. Our food is part of a new attitude towards pet food that lets your beloved dog or cat get the same quality food that you do!
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